Where should my baby sleep?

1. Put a bassinet, play yard, or crib next to your bed
2. Buy a device that looks like a bassinet or play yard with one side that is lower, which attaches to your bed

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Which colors do babies like?

In a study. infants looked longer at red and blue, and less at greenish colors like blue-green and especially yellow-green. Babies do have color preferences, and these preferences seem to be mostly determined by hue. Blues and purples are babies’ favorites, while greens, yellows, and reds are liked less.

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Your baby at one month old

Even a four-week-old baby can tell the difference between the sound of ‘ma’ and ‘na’. Your baby’s senses at one month old-
1. Hearing: They will begin to turn their head towards the source of a sound
2. Sight: They are able to focus a bit better. They still can’t see far – around 30cm - so when you smile at your baby, lean in close.
3. Movement and awareness: they may discover their legs and arms – even if that’s by accidentally hitting themselves.
4. Head control: Their neck muscles are still weak, although you may notice your baby is able to hold their head up briefly when they are lying on their tummy or being held by you.

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