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CareBuddy, a mobile application, provides summarized RSS feed health content in the format of reminders for working women. The app is pushed with summarized content (done manually) along with the original link on different categories. The type of content pushed is based on user’s response to our yes/no queries related to the relevance of the content, users requirements and user’s behaviour. A busy woman wants to browse for solutions to her problems but lack of time and plethora of content on the web prevents her from arriving to a conclusion leaving her more confused than ever. We are providing relevant content in a crisp, summarized form directly to the smartphones of a woman.

our story

We started the journey with an idea to improve the lives of people, to create a positive impact, to win, to be rich...

A number of years back, after years of discussion, we finally got together to work on something we cared for. We were solving a problem we faced ourselves. Our elderly lacked the support system because we moved out of home to live our own life far away from them. But at the same time, our anxiety levels increased as we became unaware of their well-being. What could we do? Who could help us? Uberhealth was born.

In the mid of 2014, when we were confused, Design Thinking happened. We researched, understood our customer's need better, understood them better and understood ourselves better to experience a life changing phenomenon.

After all of this, we created, designed and innovated. We Pivoted to CareBuddy.

We spoke to our customers and learned a lot from them. We changed and Improved. Again spoke to our customers. We came up with an answer on what we should do...

We interact with our customers everyday and make sure the feedback keeps us driving towards perfection.


Ishan Jha




Ishan takes care of operations and partnerships in CareBuddy. An avid believer in helping others, he has founded an NGO earlier. He belongs to Nepal and being away from family for last 10+ years made him realise the need for CareBuddy. He has worked in CSC and attended Healthstart and DLabs accelerator in India.

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Kamal Aggarwal

Investor and Advisor

Katherine Motyka


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