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What is Care Buddy?>

CareBuddy Is a mobile app, currently available in Google Play Store, providing summarised and customised health related content to working mothers. The content is collected from the web through RSS feed and presented to the users as per their need and requirement.

What does summary of the article mean? >

The article is summarised in less than 100 words by our content experts.We realise that the working mothers are busy and need a solution to their problems in-short and fast.

How is the article customised for an user? >

We customize the articles based on your behaviour. To understand what you need, we request you to answer our simple questions once in 3-4 days.

Also, we need your inputs on which of the articles are useful to you and which of them are not? So, just click on the useful or non-useful button after each link.

What kind of questions will the CareBuddy ask? >

    Simple questions like:

  • What are your travel timings after or before work?
  • What is the age of your first child? (if any)
  • What hereditary diseases do you have In your family?
  • What kind of exercises do you do during the day?

What problems does CareBuddy solve? >

Today, working women, especially working mothers are engaged with managing work and home both. They have very limited free time during the day.

They yearn for tips or information related to:

  • Diet and Exercise
  • Health
  • Managing motherhood with work
  • Stress management

and browse the internet for the same. However, browsing continuously is a challenge due to the time crunch faced by modern women juggling multiple things simultaneously. As a result, they become vulnerable to multiple lifestyle diseases like thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure, poly-cystic ovarian disease, etc.

How does CareBuddy help me resolve my problems?>

CareBuddy gives you the access to content to solve your problems in your hands. You don’t need to browse the web having plethora of content. You also don’t need to waste a lot of time.

What are the charges for the app?>

The app is for free.

How safe is my data with Care Buddy?>

Security is given prime importance and all your data is safe with us. Only you can access your answers. We use encryption, SSL and regular security checks to ensure your data is safe.

Who can register for CareBuddy?>

Any woman, who is eager to find solutions from the web easily and fast can register with us.

How does CareBuddy provides reminders to me?>

The lifestyle related problems need permanenet solutions. We cannot assure you a permanenet solution for your problems. But, we promise to be with you permanently.

So, we will keep sending content from the web which will also act like reminders to you during the day.

For this, we need you to answer the questions in the app.

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